About Rug’s and Riffy’s

In the vibrant Main Street area of Downtown Woodbridge, one bar stands alone for its neighborhood vibe, good food and signature cocktails, Rug’s and Riffy’s.

Owners and History
Rug’s and Riffy’s Bar & Grill is owned and operated by the Lucas family. George Lucas Senior started in the car business 70 years ago. His son George Lucas Jr. ran Woodbridge Oldsmobile with his sons George (rug), Richard and John.

The dealership Richard Lucas Chevrolet moved to Route 1 and we built Rug’s and Riffy’s on the property in town. George’s wife Karen has been running the bar since it was established and opened October 12, 1999. We have been blessed with great employees and fabulous customers.

We have been constantly compared to a “Cheers Bars” style environment because of our regular customers and friendly atmosphere. Our family hopes you will enjoy your time here with us.

Thank You,

The Lucas Family